The collectif Foulles has been around since 2018. There were affinities, friendships, jokes, a meeting. The desire to dance together, to share music, images and texts, to circulate a bunch of things, with a bunch of people.
What followed was a major investigation into how we reappropriate time and a culture that can both dominate us and touch us. They collect objects and then investigate them through collage.
The subjects can be the gargantuan feasts of the Middle Ages, opera, breakdance battles, their voices. They rework them, pay homage to them, make them hear each other. Things overlap, cohabit, merge, become a package. It’s very precise handling, very respectful, but also celebratory and generous. It’s a desire to move away from history lessons, to reopen the relationship between present and past, to revive and feel the layers of time. Doing it together, and defending this premise.
To be able to trust each other, to mingle, to detach ourselves from others and from the idea of ownership. Weaving threads of discussion and tension, maintaining complexity. To cross time with the joy of a battalion.